You Don’t Have To Have Sex To Be Queer, Relevant, or Cool: Grey and Grayson’s TikTok Fairytale



You Don’t Have To Have Sex To Be Queer, Relevant, or Cool: Grey and Grayson’s TikTok Fairytaleって動画が話題らしいぞ


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What should you do when the universe is trying to give you a gift? LET IT HAPPEN.

Kicking off our What’s Underneath: Couples series, Grey and Grayson were the universe’s gifts to each other. Coming out of a Mormon upbringing that fueled hatred for his inner child and a pattern of self-sabotaging sex, Grayson met Grey, who was holding out for the perfect fairytale love when everyone told her not to. Their union has set fire to society’s double-standard checkboxes for being a valid person deserving of love, no matter your gender, race, or how much sex you do or don’t have.

In the most healing relationship of their lives, Grey and Grayson’s love will teach you how to:
~Develop a healthy dialogue with your partner around your sexual needs and boundaries
Relinquish the pressure to equate your self-worth with having sex and realize that celibacy is a totally valid option
~Stay true to yourself in the face of micro and macro-aggressions about your race, gender, and sexuality
~Find inner-child healing through safe intimacy
~Become totally affirmed in your gender and identity
~Let your gut feelings guide you away from the limiting expectations society has of relationships

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