West Bonner School Board passes policy to segregate students by biological sex



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West Bonner School Board members approved an agenda item that says all students should be referred to and treated as their biological sex, regardless of their gender identity.

It was approved Wednesday afternoon during a board meeting. The policy passed with five votes, with one board member abstaining.

The policy reads, “maintaining appropriate sex-based distinctions in school restrooms and sports is essential to ensuring equal opportunities for all students, protecting student safety, and providing a safe learning environment.”

This policy also means that:

– Bathrooms, locker rooms, and overnight stays will be segregated by biological sex
– All school staff must refer to a student by their biological sex unless an agreement is made in writing between the administration and the student’s guardian
– Girls won’t be able to participate in male sports programs without the same written agreement

The policy also mentions reasonable accommodations for students who don’t feel comfortable using the restroom of their biological sex, but does not say what those accommodations would be.

Tensions were high during the board meeting, but a community member reminded those attending to be respectful for the sake of Priest River students.

“There’s a lot of tension and I just want to remind the whole community, just like treat people kindly and respectfully, I think everyone could use a little bit of a reminder of that. The kids don’t need to go into the school year with negative connotation,” the woman said.

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