Sex After 10 Years | A Gay Film Exploring Romance, Eroticism, and Queer Love



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This is our most recent gay short film, “Sex After 10 Years”, which explores our romance, eroticism, and queer love from our decade-long relationship. This lgbt vlog focuses on the way we, as a gay couple, are trying to find ways to provide both security and sexuality/passion in our relationship: “How can we make our best friend also our passionate lover?” Oh yeah, there’s lots of kissing, too. In addition, Elliot continues to explore their genderqueer/non-binary identity and how this gender journey has been an aphrodisiac / sexual turn-on for both Matthew and Elliot; it’s even had an impact on their sexual dynamics in bed (instead of always seeing himself as a top in their relationship, Matthew finds himself more open to bottoming as Elliot explores their femininity). Our hopes with this erotic gay film is to liberate ourselves, fully, and to remember that queer love, gay sex, and lgbtqia+ relationships are holy.

If you have recently searched for “lgbt documentary” or “gay film”, then we think you will fall in love with our little piece of art we’ve created here for you. Other topics related to this short film are: queer love, queer art, queer relationships, queer families, lgbt stories, gay love, gay romance, gay intimacy, gay couples, gay sex, van life, unconventional living, alternative living, nature, beauty, and freedom. If you’ve been watching the following youtube creators: Tyler and Todd, Vanwives, Isabel Paige, Hanna Lee Duggan, PJ and Thomas, Steps of 2 Foreigners, and Hitomi Mochizuki, we believe this channel will be one you’d like to explore!

Video Chapters:
00:00 – Intro: lots of kissing, skin, bodies. SEX, baby!
00:36 – Hello!
00:59 – How has our sex been the past 10 years?
02:36 – Why does passion and good sex fade away?
02:53 – How do you make your best friend your passionate lover?
04:59 – Ethical non-monogamy, voyeurism, and other strategies for better sex
06:03 – Elliot’s SEXY non-binary/genderqueer journey
06:59 – Matthew’s Sexuality? Top or bottom?
07:54 – Why we ALL must honor our sexual energy
08:59 – Conclusion: please like, comment, share, and subscribe!

For those of you interested in Elliot’s crocheted mermaid thong, it was made by our friend and patron, Jessica, and you can see more of her work here:

We are the Dürt family, a minimalist, full-time travel family consisting of Matthew, Elliot, and Uma. We are currently camping throughout the U.S. We hope to connect with communities, and to explore new (and old) ways of living on this planet through cultivating and stewarding a reciprocal relationship with this sacred Earth. All of this while we intentionally raise and unschool our daughter.



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